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Weightloss Fun

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I’ve decided to try and lose some weight before my trip to Bali, in July. I don’t have a set amount of weight because I think it’s stupid to do that. I just want to be thinner so that I can buy a bunch of sun dresses for the trip and look somewhat cute in them. I think that having a goal date might work though. Trying to lose weight with no date has just caused me to have an idea in my head that I want to be thinner right NOW dammit, and when I see that I am not thinner I get frustrated and give up. Having a date that I want to be thinner by (and thinner is ambiguous. I don’t have an amount of pounds I want to be thinner by) seems to be less frustrating because sure, I’m not thinner today. But by July I should be! I don’t know. This is a theory. We’ll see how it goes.

To reach this goal I have a few ideas. The obvious one is to stick to Weightwatchers and not cheat. But to make that happen I’ve decided to try and eat smaller portions when I can, and use more of my points each day for healthy snacks throughout the day. That way, hopefully, I won’t be as hungry all the time, and this should, in theory, make me less likely to cheat. We’ll see how that works during class tomorrow. Saturday is always a big cheating day because I am in class for 6 hours and am usually starving by the time it’s done. This time I am going to bring a small lunch with me. Hopefully it will help prevent me from breaking my diet in a gigantic Indian buffet related tragedy. Also, I think having more meals throughout the day is supposed to keep your metabolism going. And I could use help with that. Some of the medication I take has the lovely side effect of turning my metabolism into molasses.

I’m also going to up my cardio. I’ve been jogging on my trampoline about 3 to 4 days a week, and I see my trainer twice a week for weight lifting and some cardio. Also, since the weather is starting to get nicer, I am going to start jogging outside. Now don’t get me wrong. I hate running or jogging of any kind. But I think it will be useful in burning calories. Sadly. So I may try that couch to 5k thing. Which means I should probably get one of those arm holder things for my iphone and a comfortable set of ear phones.

As the weather gets nicer I’ll also be able to start back up on my bike. Unlike jogging I absolutely love biking, though I think running might burn more calories. I’m not sure on that though. But I really can’t wait to get back out there and bike a bit. Honestly I’m just glad that winter may be slowly ending, finally. I’m well and truly sick of it.

The great thing is, even if I don’t lose as much weight as I would like, doing all of these things should keep me healthy, and it’s worth it just for that. I’ve already found that when I don’t work out enough I just don’t feel right. And in the past, when I’ve consistently eaten healthy, I definitely feel better. So uh…yeah. That’s cool.

Food and other stuff

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The other day I roasted a chicken for the first time. This seems like something very boring to post about, but it was very exciting for me. I cook a lot, and occasionally it is even wonderful, but the roast chicken seemed more like grownup food than I normally cook. I’m not sure why. It was delicious though, and exciting, because roast chicken is very good for you if you take the skin off once you’ve cooked it. I tried this recipe and it was amazing. Dave ate so much that he could barely move for a while. I have another chicken in the freezer and I’m planning to try some more recipes out next week.

But, all of this got me thinking… Maybe I should try a turkey next. After all, being able to cook a holiday feast is definitely grown up cooking and turkey is really healthy and low fat if you skip the skin. But turkey… that’s a little more scary than chicken. For starters turkeys are huge. And should I brine it? Put stuffing in the middle or not? And if yes to the stuffing is there a good low-fat stuffing out there? I’m determined to lose some weight before going to Bali this summer. So far I am most interested in trying out the Alton Brown recipe here but I am a little scared that Dave won’t like the aromatics. And I am also a bit concerned about how to fit a brining turkey in my fridge. And is it maybe a little weird to make a turkey in the spring? Do I care? Probably not.


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Hahaha.How Does Homeopathy Work? Stolen from the very awesome blog Respectful Insolence

Wedding Fun

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This past weekend I went to the wedding of two friends whom I adore. They decided that if they were going to get married, they would do it absolutely on their terms, which is a concept I fully support. I still want to have my wedding at the church of Elvis in Vegas. The wedding was at a club in D.C. and it was a lot of fun. Dave Israel officiated the wedding and he did such a good job. He was hilarious. The wedding party, all of whom looked really amazing, were mostly decked out in gothy clubby attire, and Paul and Maia (the bride and groom) looked gorgeously adorable. I ganked a picture of them from facebook as proof.



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My Anatomy and Physiology class is pissing me off beyond belief. Who knew A&P 2 could possibly be worse than A&P 1? I swear the quality of teacher they get at community college for biology classes must be shit, because this teacher is way worse than even Dr. P from last semester and he is such a special special man that words cannot come close to explaining.

My teacher doesn’t really teach anything. He doesn’t have slides. He kind of rambles a bit about the chapter in no clear order and barely touches on any of the information. He couldn’t remember the difference between rods and cones (in the eye) and he can’t even pronounce most of the terms. He announced this Saturday that we would have a test next week, even though we haven’t had class in 3 week, which was partially due to snow closures, but also partially due to him canceling class because he couldn’t shovel his damn car out like a normal person. (Not to mention if he had to cancel he could have gotten someone else to cover his class so that we would at least have gotten the information from somebody). This test will be on two chapters (Not terrible) but he only had time to teach one of the chapters. So we’re going to be tested on information we haven’t been taught. This shit is insane.

The pseudoscience that he keeps yammering about is also driving me insane. Chiropractors should NOT be teaching science class. They’re not real doctors and their whole method of treatment is based on bad science. He told one woman in my class that she should take her 5 year old to a chiropractor to treat his ear infections. No! Why on earth would a neck rub do anything for someones ears? That doesn’t make sense! He told another girl in the class that she should order these vitamin supplements that cost 100 dollars a bottle for her aunt to cure her cancer. What this girls aunt should actually do is ignore quack cancer treatments and follow whatever plan her oncologist has laid out for her.

And a lot of the students are annoying me too. They complain ALL the TIME. Two of the people in my class got in a shouting match during the lecture about whether walking was better than running. How about you guys shut the hell up instead of having bullshit arguments during class so I can glean as much information from this crappy teacher as possible? During snowmageddon we had class canceled during an exam, so he had us do 6 essays instead and apparently a large amount of people just copied straight from the book, word for word. And they didn’t seem to understand why that was wrong! A few of them said that it was different with science cause the book explains things perfectly already, and besides which science isn’t like English where you can embellish things so it’s not plagiarism. I guess none of them have ever read anything in a scientific journal because that is just a crock of bullshit. It also doesn’t make sense. Mind you, he hasn’t finished grading all the essays, so I have no idea whether or not he thinks my essays were good. He better damn not accuse me of plagiarism. I made sure to write things in my own words, cited the crap out of the essays anyways, AND ran everything through a plagiarism checker to make sure I didn’t accidentally copy things too closely. I’m going to be very put out if he thinks I copied things.

He apparently also wanted us to drop off a hard copy of the essays, rather than just emailing them to him. You know. During the blizzard. When the campus was closed. I’m dropping off a copy after work today. Which will take away vital study time. Ass.

I really regret not taking this class online. If I have to teach myself everything at least I shouldn’t have to waste time going to class.

Edit: Oh I forgot this gem. Apparently Lance Armstrong got cancer because he doesn’t eat healthy enough. How does my teacher know this? because Mr. Armstrong clearly is getting enough exercise, so it must be the food. Because apparently everyone who gets cancer obviously did something to deserve it, right?


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This weekend  friends of mine are getting married and they have been kind enough to have the wedding at a club (so we’ll be at a bar!) and the clothing for the wedding is “club attire” which is lovely, because I hate dressing up in fancy clothes. But it occured to me this week that I don’t own any club attire anymore. I don’t have time to go out to clubs anymore and on the rare occaisions that I do, I am often tired and cranky. (This will be different because it will be a wedding for people I adore so there won’t be any crankiness) So hrm…what do I do? I don’t have time to go shopping. I DO have a casual black dress that I can put a jackety thing over and wear the whole thing with high boots? And makeup? I should pick up some black eyeliner after class tomorrow I think. Yeah, that’ll do right?

Valentines Day Eve

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Last Saturday, the evening before Valentines day, Dave and I went out to dinner at Me Jana with a group of good friends. The event was coordinated by the lovely and fabulous Sonja and I hope it becomes a tradition because I can’t imagine a better way to spend valentines day than with good friends that I adore.

Me Jana is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different. It’s Lebanese food and they do a lot of Mezza style stuff so you can order a lot of little items and share them with whomever you’re with which makes it more fun, you get variety, and everything they make is plain tasty.


Assistance with a stupid assignment?

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I have to do a Johari Window assignment for my communications class, which requires that I write about the things that I know about myself, the way that others view me, the things about myself that are hidden from others and blah blah stuff. So Obviously the stuff I know about myself shouldn’t be too hard, but I require assistance with step 2 which is this:

Step 2. Speak with your family, friends, coworkers and other people in your life who can provide you with some feedback into how they see you. How do they describe you? What kind of person do they see you as being? Record these results.

If anyone is willing to tell me about how they view me, that would be awesome. You can either post it in comments or email me at or even just IM me if you want. Any help would be totally appreciated as I really need to get this assignment done so I can move on to other annoying bits of graded self discovery and complete this sometimes annoying bit of a class I need to graduate.

People Need to Die In a Fire

Posted in fatties,rage by mixmasterschmoopy on February 15, 2010

So apparently Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being “too fat”. I am mildly surprised that someone with as much fame and money as he has would even choose to fly in a plane that only has coach seats, because believe you me, if I could afford it, I’d fly first class all the time. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to kick him off a flight due to his size. Not only is he not really all that large (as far as I can tell) but I really can’t see the difference between someone who is overly fat and someone who is overly tall, as far as how they take up more space than the “average” person, but I’m pretty damned sure they’d never kick a tall person off a flight.

But what has me really furious are all of the comments at this article. Seriously? Is it that acceptable for people to be jackasses to the overweight that people say shit like this? Wow. For fucks sake. NO wonder there are so many people with eating disorders in this country. This shit is ridiculous. Is this what people think of me when I walk down the street? There are so many reasons for people to be fat and lack of willpower is just one of them, but even if it were the only reason for all of the so called “fattys” out there who the fuck cares, and what gives these assholes the right to judge? And as for health, there are plenty of skinny people who either don’t work out at all, or are on ridiculous diets to stay thin, or smoke to stay thin, or are raging alcoholics or for a million reasons are unhealthy yet somehow it’s only acceptable to point out that fat people might be unhealthy?

And I love the assholes there who state that they have never had to go on a diet and yet they feel, by virtue of the fact that they’re skinny, that they can give diet advice. Really? You know jack shit about diets when you’ve NEVER needed one? Why don’t you go ahead and die in a fire. Especially since most of the advice I’ve seen in the comments is incorrect. It doesn’t matter how much you eat as long as it’s natural? That’s 100 percent pure bullshit. Natural is not some all holy panacea of awesomeness. It’s not always good. Syphilis is natural but I sure as shit don’t want that. Portion control is a HUGE part of weightloss, and portion control can be hard as crap if you’re someone on medication that makes you starving all the time, or if you have to eat out more than you’d like to due to your schedule. Not that that is an excuse to stay fat forever if you don’t want to remain that way, but if it were so damn easy to remain thin forever then this country wouldn’t have such a huge obesity issue to begin with.

G-d the people who made comments in the article make me so angry that it makes me want to spit. I know that this is why you should avoid comments on news articles but I don’t know. I wonder now about how many people think I’m some disgusting cow constantly shoving cupcakes in my huge gaping maw because I’m a chunkster. I hate people.

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