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My Very Lame Life

Posted in school by mixmasterschmoopy on January 29, 2010

I already feel like I am falling behind in school and I haven’t even started my third class yet. I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to take 3 classes while working full time but I suspect it has something to do with wanting it all to be done. (Well the pre-nursing stuff anyways. I am very very ready to be at a point where I can start a nursing program and perhaps be a full time student for a while)

This week I’ve been more social than I probably should have been, but it’s been nice seeing people. I plan to become a hermit again after this weekend though. And somehow, between a birthday party tonight, class tomorrow, and a hair appointment on Sunday (Oh sweet sweet haircut time. I need a haircut so badly) I need to study 3 chapters about the nervous system, one chapter about interpersonal communication, do my discussion board postings for the week, and take a quiz. Sleep isn’t something people need though, right? Ack. Kill me now. On the bright side though, I did cover at least the basics of the nervous system in some of my psychology classes so it’s not a total mystery to me. *knocks on wood*


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  1. Kim said,

    Whoah. Three classes!! I am in awe. Just remember, nothing lasts forever, you will get through this!

  2. Well one class is only a credit so I’m hoping it will be easy and 1 is online so I at least save time by not having to go to school. And the A&P class is only on Saturdays so that’s something.

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