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Snow, School, and Smashing Things

Posted in puppies,school by mixmasterschmoopy on January 31, 2010

Well I got the snow I was wishing for but not in time to get class canceled, so no sleeping in for me this morning. Alas. I woke up to discover that the dog we’re watching, who is quite the little bed hogging snuggle monkey, had burrowed so deeply under the covers that she had wrapped herself like a little puppy burrito (head and all). I woke Dave up moving all the covers around searching for the puppies head because I was worried she’d suffocate.

Speaking of dogs, it’s been nice dog sitting Kona because whenever she’s here my dog always gets a little bit jealous and becomes much more snugly. I have absolutely no complaints about this.

I’ve been trying to figure out if my teacher is a chiropractor or a Doctor for the last three weeks, and unfortunately I think he is probably a chiropractor. I’m not sure if this is more or less disappointing than having a teacher for A&P 1 that actually did go to med school (but can’t get a residency) who recommends homeopathy and cranial sacral massage. At least my current teacher doesn’t seem to be insane like my last one, and he has yet to make any random strangely racist comments. Also he looks like John Cho so he definitely has that going for him. Not that this makes anything better but it does make the view a little nicer. šŸ™‚

I think I’m over my weird “kicking things” mood where I kept wanting to kick everything like some kind of kung-fu superstar. Especially tables that have been stacked with glasses so that when I kick the table the glasses fall off and make loud klinking noises. Oh and I also wanted to order a lot of cheap plates and bowls and such from Ebay so I could stand on things and throw them down and smash them like I was in a Greek wedding. I’m not sure where this mood came from but it lasted for 2 weeks and it was not due to anger of any kind. It just seemed like it would be fun to kick things. I really need to start those kick boxing lessons soon…


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  1. Kim said,

    At least he’s not advocating EFT like my chemistry teacher was! Oy. It seems like whoever you get to teach A&P in community college is bound to be a little wacky.

    Also if you have excess glassware and know where an empty dumpster is, that can solve your throwing glassware problem.

  2. It’s so annoying because I feel like, how can you trust you teacher to teach properly if they don’t even believe in the science their teaching? It’s fine if you’re in a literature class and you interpret a poem differently than a teacher, but this is way different.

    We don’t have excess glassware but it wouldn’t cost much to make that a reality.

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