The Adventures of Miss Crankypants

Weekend From Hell

Posted in school,snOMG by mixmasterschmoopy on February 9, 2010

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love snow. It’s pretty and it gets school canceled and it makes me feel like a kid. But after this weekend I think I am officially done. And we’re about to get another foot any minute now. It was nice that school got canceled on the day of my exam, but I’d much rather have gone to class than deal with having no power in our house from friday night until this morning. I had to stay at a hotel for a night to get a start on the 6 essays I have to write to replace the exam that got canceled, we lost all the fish and coral in our tank, and dammit! It was cold!

There were some bright spots, don’t get me wrong. Kat and Will were incredibly awesome, and provided us with crash space two nights in a row, and one of those nights was the superbowl so I got to watch the Colts lose, which made me very happy. Take that stupid Colts. That’s what you get for leaving Baltimore in the middle of the night! Jerks. And Dave and I really bonded over the experience, which is nice. It’s always good when your relationship gets some proof that as a team you can deal with the annoying times.

They fixed our power this morning, so hopefully snOMG 3.0 will be more tolerable, but I’m nervous about losing it again because they’re calling for high winds which could knock down more damn trees. Grrr.


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