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Posted in puppies,school,snOMG by mixmasterschmoopy on February 12, 2010

Christ this has been a shitty week. We did finally get our power back on this past Tuesday morning, just in time for the next batch of snow. There was a second brief power outage Tuesday evening, which made me cry at work when I herd about it, which makes me feel a bit like an idiot, after all the people in Haiti right now are dealing with much worse than 5 day power outages, but what can you do? I think if the power had stayed off I wouldn’t have reacted that way, but the whole getting my hopes up because we had power, and then being disappointed by the power going out again/wondering if it would  take another 5 days to fix made me a bit more emotional than I should have been. Luckily, it was only a brief outage, and we had power again by the time I got home. (Plus a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of vodka courtesy of the liquor store by my job)

Dave, Rob, and I all worked from home on Wednesday, which was actually pretty pleasant. I know most everyone else in the area was experiencing cabin fever, but this was really the first day we had spent much time at home with power in days so I know I at least was enjoying the experience. I also took a couple of walks with Maddy in the snow, and it was pretty, but damn. I am so very very sick of snow. So sick of it.

I managed to finish all of my essays for Anatomy and Physiology and email them to my teacher. He seemed to want us to drop off a paper copy in his mailbox at school, but I’m not really sure how he expected that to occur. School didn’t open until this afternoon. And we were all snowed in. I emailed him a copy and it will just have to be good enough. I swear I have never cared less about whether or not I did my school work correctly or if the work is “A” work in the whole time I have been back to college. I’m just broken this week.

Yesterday was actually a fine day, but today the government finally opened again, let their employees come in two hours late, and thus caused me to have a 3 and a half hour commute. So.much.pain. I suspect it will be almost as terrible getting home, and it just makes me wish my hulk powers would finally happen so that I could hulk smash my way home. School is open again tomorrow and I really hope class isn’t too painful. I just…need a day where I’m not struggling with shit.

Anyways, I keep meaning to put pictures up here, and I have a little bit of time to kill before traffic becomes tolerable so here goes.

Trees collapsed all over my neighborhood. There is still one blocking a road. The car in this picture was lucky. The tree missed the car completely.

My dog, such a lady.

Here she is being cute

This is completely unrelated to snow. It’s a picture from my trip to Bali (I wish I was there right now). I have a new picture app for my iphone that I was playing with, and made the picture much cooler than it originally looked.

Well no sense being cranky. Tomorrow is another day, and I get to have dinner with friends. And sunday? Sweet sweet sleep. And then possibly a pedicure. Hmmm…


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  1. Kim said,

    I can’t imagine writing papers for A&P! Man, I have been out of classes so long I totally feel like I am out of practice. I miss it!!! I will try to arrange for us to be near each other soon and not just at the upcoming nuptuals.

    • Well we can at least plan hanging out at the wedding next week if that’s easiest. 🙂

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