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Posted in social by mixmasterschmoopy on February 19, 2010

This weekend  friends of mine are getting married and they have been kind enough to have the wedding at a club (so we’ll be at a bar!) and the clothing for the wedding is “club attire” which is lovely, because I hate dressing up in fancy clothes. But it occured to me this week that I don’t own any club attire anymore. I don’t have time to go out to clubs anymore and on the rare occaisions that I do, I am often tired and cranky. (This will be different because it will be a wedding for people I adore so there won’t be any crankiness) So hrm…what do I do? I don’t have time to go shopping. I DO have a casual black dress that I can put a jackety thing over and wear the whole thing with high boots? And makeup? I should pick up some black eyeliner after class tomorrow I think. Yeah, that’ll do right?


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  1. Kim said,

    I am IN the wedding party and believe me I will not be wearing club attire. I did shop tho. Silver-grey jeans, grey velvet jacket & a blouse. All from J. Jill, I call it “3rd grade art teacher style”.

  2. That outfit sounds hot, actually.

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