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Posted in rage,school,Science!,Woo by mixmasterschmoopy on February 22, 2010

My Anatomy and Physiology class is pissing me off beyond belief. Who knew A&P 2 could possibly be worse than A&P 1? I swear the quality of teacher they get at community college for biology classes must be shit, because this teacher is way worse than even Dr. P from last semester and he is such a special special man that words cannot come close to explaining.

My teacher doesn’t really teach anything. He doesn’t have slides. He kind of rambles a bit about the chapter in no clear order and barely touches on any of the information. He couldn’t remember the difference between rods and cones (in the eye) and he can’t even pronounce most of the terms. He announced this Saturday that we would have a test next week, even though we haven’t had class in 3 week, which was partially due to snow closures, but also partially due to him canceling class because he couldn’t shovel his damn car out like a normal person. (Not to mention if he had to cancel he could have gotten someone else to cover his class so that we would at least have gotten the information from somebody). This test will be on two chapters (Not terrible) but he only had time to teach one of the chapters. So we’re going to be tested on information we haven’t been taught. This shit is insane.

The pseudoscience that he keeps yammering about is also driving me insane. Chiropractors should NOT be teaching science class. They’re not real doctors and their whole method of treatment is based on bad science. He told one woman in my class that she should take her 5 year old to a chiropractor to treat his ear infections. No! Why on earth would a neck rub do anything for someones ears? That doesn’t make sense! He told another girl in the class that she should order these vitamin supplements that cost 100 dollars a bottle for her aunt to cure her cancer. What this girls aunt should actually do is ignore quack cancer treatments and follow whatever plan her oncologist has laid out for her.

And a lot of the students are annoying me too. They complain ALL the TIME. Two of the people in my class got in a shouting match during the lecture about whether walking was better than running. How about you guys shut the hell up instead of having bullshit arguments during class so I can glean as much information from this crappy teacher as possible? During snowmageddon we had class canceled during an exam, so he had us do 6 essays instead and apparently a large amount of people just copied straight from the book, word for word. And they didn’t seem to understand why that was wrong! A few of them said that it was different with science cause the book explains things perfectly already, and besides which science isn’t like English where you can embellish things so it’s not plagiarism. I guess none of them have ever read anything in a scientific journal because that is just a crock of bullshit. It also doesn’t make sense. Mind you, he hasn’t finished grading all the essays, so I have no idea whether or not he thinks my essays were good. He better damn not accuse me of plagiarism. I made sure to write things in my own words, cited the crap out of the essays anyways, AND ran everything through a plagiarism checker to make sure I didn’t accidentally copy things too closely. I’m going to be very put out if he thinks I copied things.

He apparently also wanted us to drop off a hard copy of the essays, rather than just emailing them to him. You know. During the blizzard. When the campus was closed. I’m dropping off a copy after work today. Which will take away vital study time. Ass.

I really regret not taking this class online. If I have to teach myself everything at least I shouldn’t have to waste time going to class.

Edit: Oh I forgot this gem. Apparently Lance Armstrong got cancer because he doesn’t eat healthy enough. How does my teacher know this? because Mr. Armstrong clearly is getting enough exercise, so it must be the food. Because apparently everyone who gets cancer obviously did something to deserve it, right?


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  1. Tamara said,

    Chiropractors are quacks…So If I go to the chiropractor and it makes me feel better does that mean i am a quack or that it is all in my head? Actually I may be a bit of a quack…I know if I hadn’t had my chiropractor through out my pregnancy with Ivy I would have had to rely on pain killers WHILE PREGNANT. He helped my significantly. Walking in to see him with horrid pain and then being able to walk out feeling so much better makes me think it works. Now going to one for a ear ache….No thanks. Now I dont think supplements can help with cancer BUT they HAVE helped with my blood pressure. A lot of doctors are quick to give you meds when natural things CAN actually help you. I only say this because I do know from experience..Sorry you hate your teacher. That has got to suck big time. But maybe you could learn something from him? Maybe not..As far as him not being able to dig his car out, idiot!

  2. Tamara I am really cranky today and I have to study so I don’t have a lot of time to answer back, so if this sounds quick or cranky I’m sorry.

    Chiropractic medicine teaches that everything wrong with people has to do with vertebral subluxions, or misalignment in your spine. And that these subluxions interfere with your bodies “innate intelligence” and therefore it’s ability to heal itself. That is not science. It makes no biological sense based on what we know about the body. Now some of their practices involving spinal manipulation and what I would call “massage therapy” are similar to what physical therapists and massage therapists do, and when they do that…super! I would personally rather see a physical therapist because their training is based in science, but if the technique is the same then wonderful. Do I think it was all in your head that you felt better when you saw one? Probably not. It sounds like what they did to you was similar enough to physical therapy. Does that mean I want someone who’s education is based in pseudoscience teaching my A&P class? Fuck no. Nor do I believe many of the claims that chiropractors make, such as how they can help people with migraines, strabismus, or deafness. I’m also a bit wary of the true effectiveness of many chiropractors because I have seen how many people tend to have to keep going back to them. (Ie: their problems never get fixed). And lastly, the fact that chiropractic spinal manipulations carry some risk of causing strokes is worrisome to me. But I do sincerely think it’s great that your pain got treated without pain medication.

    I didn’t say that vitamins were bad. But they do not cure cancer. There isn’t a natural remedy out there that cures cancer, but there are a lot of people that try and convince people to quit their chemo/etc and take natural “remedies” instead. That is scary because that tends to lead to dying.

    I don’t think I can learn from my teacher because he doesn’t know how to teach. Sad but true.

    • And I really mean it when I say that I’m sorry if this sounds quick or cranky or whatever. Today is really irritating me to no end. You however are not. 🙂

  3. Tamara said,

    No doesnt sound cranky at all. A lot of what you say I agree with. You are right a lot of the stuff he did was a lot like physical therapy as he also did that too. I also could not go to a chiropractor often as I dont want to pay that money. If I have a issue I go see him and far as seeing him every month, no. Rub my back, pop that, massage that, thanks see you next time I need one of the above.

    Dont worry you did not offend me in anyway. I’m sorry you are having a tough time with your class. Before you know it this will all behind you!

  4. Kim said,

    The students in my class were like that as well, and it’s really bad when you have a prof that doesn’t know how to handle it. At HCC my Micro prof was great and she could really shut things down and she knew her stuff, but the A&P profs I had at PGCC were much like what you describe. The textbook is pretty thorough but I pay for classes so that someone can /help/ me understand the textbook which was /really/ necessary for A&P II.

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