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Posted in cooking,food by mixmasterschmoopy on March 5, 2010

The other day I roasted a chicken for the first time. This seems like something very boring to post about, but it was very exciting for me. I cook a lot, and occasionally it is even wonderful, but the roast chicken seemed more like grownup food than I normally cook. I’m not sure why. It was delicious though, and exciting, because roast chicken is very good for you if you take the skin off once you’ve cooked it. I tried this recipe and it was amazing. Dave ate so much that he could barely move for a while. I have another chicken in the freezer and I’m planning to try some more recipes out next week.

But, all of this got me thinking… Maybe I should try a turkey next. After all, being able to cook a holiday feast is definitely grown up cooking and turkey is really healthy and low fat if you skip the skin. But turkey… that’s a little more scary than chicken. For starters turkeys are huge. And should I brine it? Put stuffing in the middle or not? And if yes to the stuffing is there a good low-fat stuffing out there? I’m determined to lose some weight before going to Bali this summer. So far I am most interested in trying out the Alton Brown recipe here but I am a little scared that Dave won’t like the aromatics. And I am also a bit concerned about how to fit a brining turkey in my fridge. And is it maybe a little weird to make a turkey in the spring? Do I care? Probably not.


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