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People Need to Die In a Fire

Posted in fatties,rage by mixmasterschmoopy on February 15, 2010

So apparently Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being “too fat”. I am mildly surprised that someone with as much fame and money as he has would even choose to fly in a plane that only has coach seats, because believe you me, if I could afford it, I’d fly first class all the time. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to kick him off a flight due to his size. Not only is he not really all that large (as far as I can tell) but I really can’t see the difference between someone who is overly fat and someone who is overly tall, as far as how they take up more space than the “average” person, but I’m pretty damned sure they’d never kick a tall person off a flight.

But what has me really furious are all of the comments at this article. Seriously? Is it that acceptable for people to be jackasses to the overweight that people say shit like this? Wow. For fucks sake. NO wonder there are so many people with eating disorders in this country. This shit is ridiculous. Is this what people think of me when I walk down the street? There are so many reasons for people to be fat and lack of willpower is just one of them, but even if it were the only reason for all of the so called “fattys” out there who the fuck cares, and what gives these assholes the right to judge? And as for health, there are plenty of skinny people who either don’t work out at all, or are on ridiculous diets to stay thin, or smoke to stay thin, or are raging alcoholics or for a million reasons are unhealthy yet somehow it’s only acceptable to point out that fat people might be unhealthy?

And I love the assholes there who state that they have never had to go on a diet and yet they feel, by virtue of the fact that they’re skinny, that they can give diet advice. Really? You know jack shit about diets when you’ve NEVER needed one? Why don’t you go ahead and die in a fire. Especially since most of the advice I’ve seen in the comments is incorrect. It doesn’t matter how much you eat as long as it’s natural? That’s 100 percent pure bullshit. Natural is not some all holy panacea of awesomeness. It’s not always good. Syphilis is natural but I sure as shit don’t want that. Portion control is a HUGE part of weightloss, and portion control can be hard as crap if you’re someone on medication that makes you starving all the time, or if you have to eat out more than you’d like to due to your schedule. Not that that is an excuse to stay fat forever if you don’t want to remain that way, but if it were so damn easy to remain thin forever then this country wouldn’t have such a huge obesity issue to begin with.

G-d the people who made comments in the article make me so angry that it makes me want to spit. I know that this is why you should avoid comments on news articles but I don’t know. I wonder now about how many people think I’m some disgusting cow constantly shoving cupcakes in my huge gaping maw because I’m a chunkster. I hate people.